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3 Exton Fitness Classes to Get Your New Year’s Resolution Fix

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions in the country is getting into shape. With so many gyms and fitness centers nowadays, how can you be sure that you’re finding the best to meet your goals? Luckily, Exton has several great fitness classes to help you accomplish these goals. Read below to learn more about Bikram Yoga eXton, CrossFit Proven, and Driver Strength and Fitness.

Bikram Yoga Exton

The practice of Bikram yoga, the original hot yoga, has been changing lives around the world since its spike in popularity in the 1970s. At Bikram Yoga eXton, you’ll find one mind-blowing class, which follows the traditional Bikram sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises.

Though there is only one class structure, the professional teachers at this studio strive to include and challenge yogis of all experience levels. No matter how experienced you are, you’ll always find compassion and opportunity for personal development in every single session.

CrossFit Proven

CrossFit has taken the country by storm in the last decade. Now, Exton residents can join in at CrossFit Proven, which specializes in providing constantly varied workouts to keep members on their toes. This varied approach prevents the body from plateauing and keeps participants interested by constantly switching things up.

CrossFit Proven doesn’t just do CrossFit, though. Join a USA Weightlifting Specialist for instructive weightlifting training or pop in for a Proven Performance Clinic. They also provide babysitting for those with lives as varied and multifaceted as their classes.

Driven Strength and Fitness

Driven Strength and Fitness specializes in sports performance training, and is founded on providing members with an experience that they can look forward to. When you step into a Driven Strength and Fitness class, you can expect a rigorous and engaging combination of weight training, aerobic conditioning, and flexibility exercises.

These exercise combinations were designed to improve the body’s overall wellness, fitness, and composition. So, no more wondering if your workout is balanced when you have the talented trainers of Driven Strength and Fitness to guide you.

Happy New Year!