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Top Valentine’s Day Restaurants near Philadelphia PA

Downtown Philly is home to an incredible variety of different restaurants, from casual to ultra-luxurious. There’s no better way to celebrate the day of love than by bringing your loved one to one of these spots to enjoy a romantic meal together. Here’s our picks of the top Valentine’s Day restaurants near Philadelphia, PA.

La Famiglia Ristorante

8 South Front Street This Italian restaurant has been in operation since 1976, when it was founded by the Sena family in an abandoned Colonial-era tea warehouse, with their patriarch, Carlo “Papa” Sena as head chef, drawing on his experience cooking in post-war Naples. Enjoy the richly furnished restaurant, which is decked out with warm colors, white tablecloths, and beautiful marble floors. You’ll enjoy an incredibly intimate experience, with unparalleled service and the most authentic food.

La Veranda

Pier 3 Penn’s Landing This restaurant is known for its incredible food, and its gorgeous view of the water and the Ben Franklin Bridge, and is the ideal location for an intimate, romantic meal. On the menu, you’ll find cuisine representative of Northern Italy, where Italian and French influences combine. Dishes are carefully crafted and feature a variety of different seafoods, cheeses, and meats. The wine list is incredibly long, with more than four pages full of options for you to choose from to accompany your meal.

Le Virtu

1927 East Passyunk Ave The experience at Le Virtu is inspired by the Abruzzo region of Italy, the country’s most wild and unspoiled area. The food is that of the area’s shepherds, farmers, and fishermen: bold, honest, and unpretentious dishes. As many ingredients as possible are sourced from local areas, and anything that cannot be found near Philly is sourced directly from Abruzzo: honey, rare cheeses, saffron, olive oil, and even flour. Enjoy fresh, handmade pastas, perfectly cooked fish, lamb, and pork, and a menu that changes continuously with the seasons, so there’s always a new reason to return to the restaurant.